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Natalie. Recent college graduate currently working in a university admissions office. I love picspams and fanvids. I'm also obsessed with fanmixes. That said, this journal is about expressing my fangirl tendencies however I see fit, with minimal ranting about real life.

the office, firefly, ncis, glee, the big bang theory, lost, law & order: ci, house md, x-men, star trek, heroes, grey's anatomy, x-files, buffy the vampire slayer, roswell, arrested development, law & order, law & order: svu, monk, the monkees, whose line is it anyway, the daily show/the colbert report, kids in the hall, quite interesting, general hospital, all my children, one life to live, as the world turns, port charles, harry potter, inglourious basterds, avatar, sports slash, new kids on the block, U2

[the office] jim/pam, ryan/pam [ncis] gibbs/abby, tony/abby, mcgee/ziva [firefly] mal/inara, simon/river, jayne/kaylee [glee] will/emma, artie/tina, puck/kurt [the big bang theory] sheldon/penny [lost] desmond/claire, sawyer/claire, jack/claire [house md] house/wilson, foreman/chase [harry potter] harry/hermione, snape/lily, neville/luna [star trek] spock/uhura [law and order:ci] goren/eames [x-men] wolverine/rogue, nightcrawler/storm [general hospital] patrick/robin, lucky/elizabeth, jason/robin, nikolas/robin, spinelli/lulu [misc ships] frederick/shosanna, mulder/scully, buffy/angel, max/liz, george michael/maeby, benson/stabler, peter/claire, george/izziemonk/natalie, cole/starr, jonathan/lily, sean/colby, casey/maddie, joe/karen

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